Palette Knife Painting

The humble palette knife need not just be for mixing paint, but can also be a useful tool for oil painting. Whether this is to create a whole painting in a distinctive style – such as Welsh artist Kyffin Williams – or to add texture and close interest to your work which cannot be achieved using brushes. Our day exploring the use of the palette knife (and other similar equipment) and will demonstrate the versatility of this important painting tool. The course will include:

  • A review of paintings where a palette knife has been used to create the whole painting or an important part of the work
  • Painting a picture wholly with the palette knife – including using different shapes of palette knife to create different marks
  • A review of the work before lunch
  • Painting a picture to use the palette knife alongside a brush to create close interest and different mark making to add vitality to your work
  • A review of the day

The course will have no more than 8 pupils to ensure plenty of time for one to one tuition and all materials are included in the price. Tea and coffee are provided as is a simple lunch (e.g. soup and a roll) or you are welcome to bring your own food. If you are new to oil painting we suggest that you will gain more from this course if you have participated in our ‘Introduction to oil painting’ day which will provide you with some of the techniques we explore further as we paint with a palette knife. 

The Palette Knife painting course costs £85 and runs on the dates shown below. If you would like to book a place please contact Paul on 01380 860340 or use the ‘contact us’ button below and let us know when you would like to join us.