Landscape painting – 3 day course

If you enjoy landscape painting and would like to widen your skills in this form of painting our 3 day course is our comprehensive guide. The artistic style of the course is English post-impressionist – in particular the work of Edward Seago – although the techniques taught will allow you to develop your own style as you move forward. The course will be taught using demonstrations, but mainly through practical and directed painting to help bring your paintings to life.

Day one

Day one of the course follows the content of our one day landscape painting course. The aim of day one is to provide you with a range of techniques to improve and develop your landscape paintings. Day one will include:

  • Creating depth in your paintings
  • Creating focus and interest
  • Creating a sky which works with your landscape
  • Painting trees, buildings and people
  • Painting two pictures which bring these ideas together
  • A review of the day

Day two

Day two of the course will concentrate on painting skies and also include a session on Plein Air painting. Depending on the weather (and when is the best time to paint outside) the morning session will be dedicated to techniques for painting successful skies which complement your landscape pictures. The morning session of day two will include:

  • Painting a sky which works with your landscape
  • Using the sky to create focus in your picture
  • Techniques for painting clouds a building up layers to create a dramatic sky

The afternoon session will be looking at different ways to approach Plein Air painting, in particular how to capture a moment quickly and how this can benefit your studio paintings. For artists who would like to there will be an opportunity to take the easels out of the studio and paint Plein Air (optional if you are not so keen on painting outside – but it’s a good way to free yourself up and learn to record an impression of the landscape).

Day three

Day three is the chance to put what you have learnt into action. The day will be dedicated to painting a larger oil landscape using the skills gained over days one and two. This will include a demonstration and you will have the choice to paint a landscape of your choosing or a study of a picture that you like – the demonstration will be of a ‘Seago’ landscape which will pull together the aspects of landscape painting explored during the course.

Day three will therefore include:

  • A review of days one and two and the opportunity to discuss the aspects of landscape painting covered and any issues which have arisen from you painting so far
  • A demonstration of a larger landscape painting (60cm x 50cm or similar)
  • A chance to paint a larger landscape (following the demonstration or of your choice)
  • A review of the day and notes to take away

The course will have no more than 8 pupils to ensure plenty of time for one to one tuition and all materials are included in the price. Tea and coffee are provided as is a simple lunch (e.g. soup and a roll) or you are welcome to bring your own food. If you are travelling to attend the course there is a range of accommodation available in the area and we would be pleased to suggest somewhere to stay nearby.

The ‘Landscape painting – 3 day course’ course costs £255 and runs on the dates shown below. If you would like to book a place please contact Paul on 01380 860340 or use the ‘contact us’ button below and let us know when you would like to join us.